Scents and Terpene Profiles

'Terpene' has become a popular term in recent years, particularly surrounding cannabis conversation. Terpenes are  highly aromatic molecular compounds found in the essential oils of plants. They are naturally occurring but many are synthesized for everyday use in candles, food, beverages, beauty products and more. They help to create or amplify different scents, flavors and effects. Terpenes are believed to have beneficial effects on the human body and are associated with boosting emotional wellbeing and brain function. Our terpene scent profiles are chosen as an ode to the cannabis plant and its luxurious scents and contain essential oils from around the world. 



The Devil's Harvest scented candle is an ode to smokable plants. Tobacco leaf and cannabis flower combine for a sweet aroma and with a rich undertone. This scent features terpenes such as geraniol that can be found in lemons and tobacco. Rhubarb smells give a tart, zingy sharpness, at the same time refreshing. It's fresh, sweet and fruity to balance the musk of the tobacco leaf. 
Contains Essential Oils of Vetiver from Haiti or Indonesia, Amyris from Haiti, Silver Birch, Cedarwood from USA, Balsam, and Thyme Flower from France.
Top: Cannabis Flower, Gardenia 
Heart: Tobacco Leaf, Smoke, Rhubarb 
Base: Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber


The Kush Kindling scent features a bright floral resin with a hint of spice. This layered scent features the terpene myrcene. It is the most abundant terpene in cannabis and gives earthy, musky notes. The layer of  the geraniol terpene, often associated with the scent of geranium, adds a fruity floral balance to the spicy linalool. Linalool can also be found in mint and cinnamon which are features of this scent. It offers a sweetness with floral, citrus and  candy note
Contains Essential Oils of Patchouli from Indonesia, Rosemary from Spain, Cedarwood from USA and Guaicwood from Paraguay.
Top: Moroccan Mint, Anise, Geranium
Heart: Cinnamon, Cannabis, Rhubarb
Base: Sandalwood, Violet, Patchouli


All scents used are made with vegan products, contain no animal products or animal-derived ingredients. They are toxin, carcinogen and phthalate free. Although phthalate can help maintain the fragrance in a candle longer, some types of phthalates can pose adverse health effects and are not in any of the fragrances used in Highly Curated Candles. Ingredients on the California Prop 65 list are known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. The fragrances we use do not require Prop 65 labeling.