Candle Care

Tips to help you use your candle properly: When lighting a container candle for the first time, let it burn until a layer of fully liquid wax forms on the surface. Do not burn for longer than 3 hours at a time to best preserve the wick. After each use, be sure to recenter the wick and trim it to about half an inch in height. Keep on a flat heat resistant surface. Be sure to extinguish all flames completely and with care. Keep out of reach from pets, children or flammable materials. 
Hemp Wick twine is used in all Highly Curated Candles. It provides a low temperature flame which creates a slow burn to enjoy scented candles longer  and minimizes dripping for cake candles. Organic hemp wick is not dyed, contains zero synthetic materials biodegradable and non-toxic. By using organic beeswaxed hemp wick, smoke aroma is minimized and the scented candles throw is maximized. We offer certified vegan hemp wick by special request. Vegan hemp wick is coated in alleged free rice bran wax and creates a slowing consistent burn. 
Party Paraphernalia leaf cake toppers are placed on all natural bamboo toothpicks. These splinter-free bamboo wood stands are odorless, unflavored and food safe. They are not preserved with any additives or chemicals capable of causing allergies or reactions. Party Paraphernalia cake candles are made from biodegradable, all natural soy wax. Environmentally friendly soy wax creates less indoor air pollution than other waxes and is less likely to trigger allergies. Frosting is not just for desserts, it also refers to the tiny crystal formations that can appear on the top and sides of wax. All soy waxes will frost to some extent over time. It does not affect the performance of the candle. We recommend storing your candles in the original packaging and in a cool dark place to avoid discoloration or warping.  
Celebrate Responsibly, blowing on the cake to extinguish the candles is a thing of the past. There are several innovative options to share your treats and not germs. We recommend using a cupcake or a separate mini cake for the guest of honor to blow out their candles and have a larger cake for everyone to share. Waving your hands safely above the flame using a fanning or clapping motion to extinguish your candles helps minimize the spread of germs. You may also want to use a candle snuffer to help minimize smoke.